Solving the Mystery of Arne Pettersen, the Last to Leave Ellis Island

Annie Moore and Arne Pareli Pettersen, first and last through Ellis Island, seen together for the first time
Annie Moore and her brothers at Ellis Island (colorized)
Departure of Alien for Arne Pettersen (Alien Case File, National Archives, Kansas City)
Note in Arne Pettersen’s Alien Case File (National Archives, Kansas City)
Claim of first overstay (National Archives, Kansas City)
Oral Decision of the Special Inquiry Officer (National Archives, Kansas City)
Baptism of Arne Pareli Pettersen (The National Archives of Norway)
Description of tattoos from 1929 arrival record (Ancestry)
1938 marriage (The National Archives of Norway)
Arne’s wartime engagements (Krigsseilerregisteret)
WWII Draft Registration Card (Ancestry)
1944 warrant for arrest (National Archives, Kansas City)
claim of having no wife or children (National Archives, Kansas City)
Fingerprints taken in 1944 (National Archives, Kansas City)
1944 photo of Arne Pettersen
Death of Arne Pareli Pettersen (The National Archives of Norway)
Undersbo Cemetery in Larvik, Norway where Arne Pareli Pettersen is buried
Arne Pettersen departing Ellis Island as seen in newspapers across the country in November 1954 (AP photo); excerpt from The New York Times (November 14, 1954)

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