Why Are Children and Grandchildren of Immigrants So Eager to Keep Immigrants Out?

Carl Wilhelm Mentzendorff, grandfather of Bob Goodlatte (Ancestry)
Naturalization records of Trump’s Scottish mother and German grandfather (FamilySearch)
Arrival record of C. Wilhelm Mentzendorff as seen on Ancestry.com
Carl and Marguerite, daughter of father Stonewall Jackson Burford (name misspelled above) married in 1914 (26 Feb 1914, Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, Newspapers.com)
World War I draft registration for Carl Wm Mentzendorff (Ancestry)
1919 Swiss emigration card giving Zuoz, Switzerland as the last residence of Goodlatte’s mother (Ancestry)
August 1919 arrival of Goodlatte’s mother (and family) in New York noting her Swiss nationality (Ancestry)
Carl falsely certified that he had continuously resided in the U.S. since January 1914 (Ancestry)
1920 census showing Mentzendorff’s naturalization as having occurred in 1916 (Ancestry)
27 January 1921, Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY (Newspapers.com)
Carl claimed uninterrupted residency in his 15 September 1921 passport application (Ancestry)
Mentzendorff family passport photo, 1921. Goodlatte’s mother is the girl on the left. (Ancestry)

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